Internet crucial for freelancers

Freelancers are the next generation of working class people internationally. Although “Moonlighting” was the classification years ago, they are now being recognized as an integral part of the working class of today. Traditional 9-5 jobs are scaling down as many people discover the flexibility that freelancing affords. The internet has now become the portal to freedom for many people who are able to manage their time well. Not having to miss a child’s sporting event or an art exhibit that you and your child have worked so hard on is important. The Internet, provides freelancers with such freedom and enables them to work anywhere, anytime, and on any chosen field of endeavour.

Meaningful Benefits of the Internet

%d0%be%d0%b03Because the internet is connected to pretty much everything, internationally, and is readily available information, many freelancers find the access very helpful. They are able to demand a higher salary for their skills while being free to have as many jobs or clients that they can manage. It is even proven that employees on 9-5 jobs earn less than many freelancers; they pay employment taxes, travel expenses are a factor, even clothing comes in a part of expenses that employees must face. Freelancers, however, while having to pay their taxes and other government benefits, they do not have to travel, as they let the internet do the traveling for them, clothing is not a factor, as they can stay home and work in their PJs.

Uses of the Internet for Freelancers

Having the availability of the internet for freelancers and photographers is vital to their craft. For freelancers, the internet not only provides easy access to information, but also makes it easy to submit finished work. Gone are the days when they had to post, or take in completed work to the office of their employers. They can now just send by email. Seeking employment for a freelancer is also made easier with the internet, as they are able to make applications directly online and are ensured quicker responses than having to send the application through the post or even calling directly.

Surveys indicate there are full-time freelancers who find it more rewarding to be in this kind of employment than part time. They have more family and friend time. Their personal life gets more attention and they have the flexibility of being their own boss rather than being in an office with a Supervisor or a Manager underfoot.

The Internet Use for Photographers

%d0%be%d0%b04Photographers have acknowledged the internet an integral part of their business. Digital photography, printing, being able to edit pictures with more precise results are just some of the benefits to photographers that the internet offers. Anyone can be a photographer, as they are able to utilize even their Smartphone’s with built-in cameras to take great detailed shots of anything and everything. Being able to upload your pictures to the internet for them to be viewed on social media, helps in putting you out there as a qualified entity. The need for having to drag around a bulky portfolio is eliminated, as your work can be seen by prospective employers. The prospect of getting employment increases a hundred fold, as you are a freelance photographer in your own right.

Having your camera accessible to you at all times helps means being able to take memorable shots of activities of family and friends, and share them with more friends and family. The possibilities are endless. Creativity is not thrown out with the bathwater; it is enhanced, as you are able to do more in a shorter time. Documentaries are also made with just a digital camera and edited with using the internet and all its features. You no longer have to pay someone to edit your work, as long as you have a computer and internet service you are good to go. Photo storage is another issue, because of the internet; you can store hundreds of pictures and not have the clutter of boxes and boxes of pictures in storage.

Technology has come at a time when man needs more time to do everything they plan to. It is a tool when used carefully and is able to improve our lives in so many ways.