Internet while studying

%d0%be%d0%b08The internet is a critical tool for students and having a good internet connection undoubtedly assists them in their studies. This technology, if used in a sensible way is able to enhance learning and enable them to excel. The internet is used by many teachers across the globe as a teaching tool to help in gathering information on many subjects. They also use the internet to teach many classes around the world where the access to teachers is limited. The technology allows students to complete assignments on-time while having them learn new material that is essential for their studies. Teachers will give students sites to visit for many subjects in order to help in their information gathering. With this kind of teaching, it helps the students to understand the principle of research. No more having to pour over huge encyclopaedias, the information is available at just the click of a button and visiting the relevant sites.

Benefits to Students

Students who have a computer are able to access interactive classes and have course work that is taught online. It is interesting to note that many students find it more convenient to work online as it gives them more time to complete more assignments without having to go into a classroom. Their time planning skills are enhanced; they have the opportunity to have a more meaningful discussion with their peers’ online about subjects; distractions are limited and they do group work to help each other in understanding the subject matter better.

Exam preparation is made easier, as the wealth of information available to students, helps them gather more information to answer questions in greater detail. Assignments have more depth and information because the students are able to garner more subject matter than that being taught by teachers.

Using the Internet to Teach in Remote Places

%d0%be%d0%b07Some countries find it difficult to have teachers available to educate their children so using the internet as a resource is very innovative. They are able to have retired teachers read and post the work online so children have the information available to them. The subjects are taught by these retired teachers, through Skype, on a site called “Granny Cloud” and the interaction between teacher and student facilitates learning. Many countries even have free courses available to them, as these are accessible through universities like Yale and Harvard. Their lecture videos are posted on sites and students have the opportunity to study and take these courses without having to pay. All resource material is made available to those who wish to pursue these courses. The exams are valid and the certifications are authentic, which is very helpful. These students will be able to excel and have life easier because they have upgraded their education capacity.

Sites used more by Students for Study

Surveys have shown that Yahoo was used by most people for sending emails, while Google is the main search engine for gathering information. It is used by students as well as the layman to stay informed. Google is rated highest in information impartation while Bing comes in at second place. All this being said, the internet is not only used for students to do research; 59% of students will use the internet for research and help with assignment completion while 14% of teachers utilize this route for planning course work as well as some tutorials, and 27% in total will use the internet for social interaction. The truth is, the internet is a great asset to all who choose to utilize its many capabilities. Some use it for added gain intellectually, while others will use it to do not so good things. The freedom of choice is still an option, so why not choose to use this great gift for the greater good always.