Job hunting on the web

%d0%be%d0%b011Job hunting has been going on worldwide since creation, people need to earn to survive. With the vast amount of needs in today’s world, having a job is very important, plus, it is a means of your own independence. Job hunting today is made easier with the internet. Companies and businesses post their jobs on the internet on various job sites, and job seekers visit these sites and make applications accordingly. Applications are made online as well, and the response times are so much less than having to post the application. Some may respond whether you get the job or not, while others do not respond at all. Which I hate! Anyway, the internet makes job hunting a lot easier.

Advantages of Job Hunting on the Web

Firstly, you don’t have to be searching through the tabloids and getting frustrated when you do not find a job that suits you. Jobs posted on the web are in categories, so you are able to narrow down your search. Having decided on the job you would like to apply for, you send your CV or Resume with an application letter, and wait. Responses generally come back via the web as well. Interviews are often done on the web, as you can speak directly to the person doing the interview via Skype, and everything just happens exactly as it would in a face to face interview.

Spending money to get to an interview is eliminated as well as having to mail the application. You are saved the time it takes to trawl you way around from business to business asking about vacancies because all the available jobs in your geographical area are already posted on the web. Jobs are easily accessed, even in other countries. The advantages of utilizing the web make it possible for you to have all the necessary information on any job, anywhere, right at your fingertips.

Disadvantages of Job Hunting on the Web

%d0%be%d0%b012Although you have the availability of all this information on the web, it is important to note that jobs are posted to a wide audience and there are often many applicants for each job. Because the web is so internationally recognised, people from all over the world may be vying for the same post, so the most qualified or the most experienced will get the job. The post may be seen by many people even within your geographical area and they also apply, hence, you may not be successful at the end of the day.

It is good to have access to the web for job hunting, but it is even better, knowing people within your chosen field. They are able to advise you of positions you can apply for. The connection of a colleague or a professional within your chosen field will make all the difference. It saves the disappointment of making the application on the web and not even getting a response.

Competing for a job that is available to just about everyone, is definitely a challenge. It is often frustrating to the max just waiting for that email, or a telephone call. Sometimes prospective employers may want you to come in person for the interview. The thing is, never be daunted by the actual or potential disappointments, there is a job out there with your name, and your name alone written on it.